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With a range of 36 flavours, Ice Gola Shack are able to cater to the tastes of all your guests. Click below to our packages
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From birthday parties to product launches, we aim to add flavour to events of all sizes and significance
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Whether you call it Ice Gola, Baraf ka Gola, Gola Ganda or even shaved ice you can enjoy the pleasure of having it at your very own event. Ice Gola Shack aims to deliver a nostalgic experience, offering a unique alternative to the usual chocolate fountains. Our professionalism and expertise can help add a touch of flavour to any celebration. If you are planning a wedding, birthday, engagement, children’s party, corporate function or any other event, our team will leave an impression on your guests.

Providing the widest selection of Ice Gola flavours in the UK means we will have something to cater to everyone’s taste buds. An ever-lengthening list with flavours ranging from Pineapple Punch and Zesty Lemon to Banarasi Pan and the legendary Kalakhatta. And we are now introducing flavours never experienced with Ice Golas, follow our social media pages for announcements of new flavours and services.

Our  refreshing Ice Golas are the ideal centrepiece to make any occasion or event truly special. The vibrantly coloured syrups and exquisite set up will capture the attention of your guests on their arrival and mouthwatering flavours will leave them desiring more.

Ice Gola Shack is built on the principles of providing flexible, quality and reliable services and of course observing honesty. Please enquire now to see what we can do for you.

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